Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ella turns ONE! & Okla{home}a!

Lets just be honest. I have sucked at keeping everyone informed about what we're up to in OK! Life has been nothing short of CRAZY (and usually it's been CRAZY in a good way) so I'll take that.
Let me break it down for you. . . . 

1st things 1st, Ella Girl turned the big O.N.E. (I'm not going to elaborate for fear I might have a "moment") Ok, I'll elaborate a little. This is a BIG MILESTONE! 
Ella got some babies (from Evie, who "secretly" got them for herself I think LOL) and one of those "stroller cars" to take for walks and some DARLING clothes! 
Ella keeps us smiling that is for sure! I've probably said it before, but she is the comic relief in our family! Everyone family needs one. Growing up, it was (and is) my little brother, Cy. In ours it will be Ella. Someone to balance out the equation, and keep everyone going.
Ella has the sweetest soul. You just know it the moment you meet her. She's precious!
Happiest Birthday to you Ella Zoe! You make our world spin 'round! Can't begin to believe that you're already 1 year old! You're so loved!
XOXO - Mama, Daddy & Evie Grace

And now we'll rewind and get to some other stuff that's happened in the last 2 months!
~We MOVED 1,000 miles away from "home"! 
~We live just outside Tulsa and are loving it so far
~Oklahoma is BEAUTIFUL and green and humid and lush! In my mind I was thinking cowboy desert for some reason. It's not.
~Evie just started a new dance class and will be starting soccer in a week!
~Evie is still confused about the distance. There have been a few times I could tell her heart was just broke because none of her grandmas or friends from "Bernal" have visited her new house yet. That kills me. I've explained it as best I can, and she's beginning to understand. Still, that's the hardest part!

I'm going to not over-do my 1st blog post in the last 2 months! We'll stop here. Stay tuned, I'm getting a little more settled and will do better at keeping "Y'ALL" informed. <---ya and="" back="" because="" come="" div="" hear="" i="" in="" it="" legit="" live="" now="" oklahoma.="" s="" said="" ya="">

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